Frequently Asked Questions

Is Truly Healthy MD accepting new patients?

Yes, we are accepting new patients, however there are certain requirements a prospective patient must meet:

  1. Be a Texas resident

  2. Have a PCP (primary care provider)

  3. Schedule a Foundational Assessment

Does Truly Healthy MD accept pediatric patients?

We do not accept pediatric patients, only patients 16 years old and above.

What is the first step to become a patient?

All patients begin with a Foundational Assessment which can be booked directly on our website. After a Foundational Assessment, patients will be given a personalized roadmap to health and be given the option to proceed with our membership option.

If you have questions prior to scheduling your Foundational Assessment, we would be happy to review them in a complimentary strategy session. Our patients are our #1 priority and we want to make sure we are the right fit for each other.  

What is a Foundational Assessment?

The Foundational Assessment is the initial visit where complete medical history, medical records, questionnaires, medications, diagnoses and treatment are discussed. Your one time investment includes:

Thorough 90-minute virtual appointment with Dr. Jauregui

Lab review - Advanced Biomarker Testing

Integrative 8-part health plan which is your roadmap to health

Virtual 90-minute health coach appointment

Does Truly Healthy MD accept insurance?

No, Dr. Jauregui is not in network with any  health insurance company and has opted out of Medicare. We can provide a superbill by request which patients may submit to their private insurance for reimbursement. Reimbursement would depend on out of network benefits that the patient has. Most conventional labs and some functional labs are covered by Medicare or private insurance. You will receive information regarding anticipated costs PRIOR to proceeding with any treatments.

Does Truly Healthy MD accept patients outside of Texas?

No, only Texas residents. Out of state prospects may still be able to join our educational membership program and receive health coaching (no medical advice).

If you are interested in joining the educational membership, send us an email.

What is Truly Healthy MD's specialty?

Functional and internal medicine including:

Mold toxicity

Lyme and coinfections like bartonella

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

Autoimmune disorders

Thyroid & Adrenal health

Bioidentical hormone replacement

Natural gut healing

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